A Magical Walk in Watkins - Mike Contos

Here's another one of my favorites from my trip back to NY last fall. It's also #2 of 3 submitted to the CLWA photo competition so wish me luck, there's some really good ones in there!

This was taken during a slow walk through Watkins Glen State Park. I hadn't even planned on visiting the park, but was visiting some friends down in Ithaca and on the way back to Naples found I was passing right by and had the time - so I had to! It had been probably 10+ years since I last visited so, it was funny to see these places that lived somewhere in my distant memory come to life again. I remember there were times when a particular image of one of the bridges in the park or the spot where you walk under the waterfall would flash in my minds eye like dejavu but I couldn't quite place where it was from. There are so many beautiful parks like this one around the Finger Lakes that I hadn't been to in many years so, the exact location eluded me. It was a welcome rush of memories and feelings walking through this park again.

And what a magical park it truly is. With its lush plant life, cool and misty feel, seemingly countless waterfalls, beautifully carved meandering creek, and of course those awesome stone bridges - it feels just like how I imagine taking a walk in Rivendell from Lord of the Rings would feel.

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