San Diego Super Blood Moon - Mike Contos

A harvest moon, a super moon, and a lunar eclipse all rolled up into one hell of a show! The next time it will happen is 2033. Who knows where you'll be or what the world will be like in 18 years! So, this was truly an amazing event to witness!

I was looking at all kinds of different places to go and set up for this moment - from out in the desert, up in the mountains, along the beach cliffs somewhere - but finally settled on trying to get a shot of downtown. I wasn't sure how good it would be here in San Diego given the timing of the lunar eclipse in relation to our longitude here. Also, the fact that sunset was 4 minutes after the moon rise I wasn't sure if it would be too washed out. When the moment finally came and the moon began to rise over the sky line of downtown San Diego it was stunning, but definitely muted by those factors. It hit the horizon and was already mostly covered by the Earth's shadow. But, all was well. I don't have a crazy telephoto lens to capture the zoomed in grandeur of first moments anyways.

So instead, I waited a little bit for the 70mm zoom I have to create a better composition with the entire downtown skyline. And I was so stoked when I saw the first images I was getting. Let me know what you think! Where did you watch the super blood moon of 2015?! Share in the comments below and thanks for reading!

Ps. prints are available! =)

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